Danny Salkhov

Director and cinematographer with 17 years of experience and unfading passion for moving images, eager to take on projects across Europe and beyond.
Music videos
Have directed over 20 narrative and concert music videos for major Russian rock bands, including KINO, Bi-2, and Splean.
Had the honor of working as a director of photography on several documentaries, including ones that were BAFTA-nominated and received numerous awards at other international festivals.
Have had the pleasure of shooting promotional, branding, and event videos for international brands such as McDonald's, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Henkel, Leroy Merlin, Jaguar Land Rover.
I was born in the snowy winter of 1987 into a family at the heart of the bustling Moscow rock scene, which was one of the catalysts for bringing Russia and the West closer together and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

A significant part of my childhood was spent at a recording studio built on equipment gifted by Frank Zappa, where my father worked as a lead sound engineer. In his rare free time, he loved taking photos and videos. When he passed away, the remaining video camera shaped my entire future.

I directed my first music video with a decent budget and professional crew while preparing for my high school graduation exams. Since then, my life has been an incredible and amazing journey through the world of moving images, and I would be genuinely delighted to welcome new fellow travelers on this path.

I am ready to join any exciting project as a creative force, or assemble a team of top-notch specialists to tackle tasks of any complexity from start to finish.
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